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Lulo Reinhardt Project- Germany

Lulo Reinhardt Project - Germania

Lulo Reinhardt is the foremost authentic and distinctive musical voice in Gypsy music today. Critics and fans agree that it is not solely because Lulo is the great-nephew of world-famous musician extraordinaire Django Reinhardt: It's about Lulo's unique musical genius, and his ability to make it appear so utterly effortless.

In the spirit of tradition and family, Lulo has devoted his life to music. He first showed an interest during his formative years. By the age of five Lulo was already being handed down the guitar tradition through his father Bawo. By the time he was 12, he was performing with his cousins in the Koblenz-based Mike Reinhardt sextet. Over the years, Lulo expanded his musical horizons as he delved into the music of other cultures. Today, Lulo continues to explore and perform a fusion of styles, including flamenco, Latin, and Brazilian jazz. He combines these with his own artistic stamp, and always with a nod to his Gypsy influences.

His name has achieved international acclaim, the artist having been invited on the stage of many major events such as Rock Gegen Hass, International Cultural Festival Sahara en el Corazón (Algeria - with Brazilian guitarist ZezoRibeiro), World Roma Festival Khamoro, Jazz Goes to Town (Czech Republic), Jazz and Blues Festival (Czech Republic) and Sidmouth Folk week (UK) and having toured extensively Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia.

".. the finest concert of acoustic guitar I have ever seen .."John Shand. The Sydney Morning Herald

Django Reinhardt (1910 - 1953)

Django Reinhardt (1910 - 1953)

Considered the first great jazz-guitar soloist and the first European jazz musician to have a significant influence on American musicians, Django Reinhardt is a true virtuoso. Pioneer of the musical culture, father of "gypsy jazz, Django is responsible for inventing an entirely new style of jazz guitar technique (sometimes called 'hot' jazz guitar) that has grown since into a living musical tradition, passed on through generations.

Together with the just as famous violinist Stephane Grapelli, he founded the Quintette Du Hot Club De France in the ‘30s, regarded as one of the most innovative recording groups in the history of jazz music.

The originality of his style is even more impressive taking into consideration that the artists used only 3 of his left hand’s fingers, due to the injuries caused by a fire in which he was caught at the early age of 18.

Composer and exceptional soloist, Django Reihardt has left behind a huge legacy, influencing up to today an impressive number of artists that quote him as their source of inspiration. most popular compositions as "Minor Swing", "Daphne", "Belleville", "Djangology", "Swing 42" sau "Nuages" have become true jazz standards.



Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra gathers 7 musicians from different parts of the globe, each one having a different musical background, united in a project combining the raw energy of authentic gypsy songs with ska groove rhythms.

One may say that this is a band having everything it needs: a charismatic lead singer, incredible energy on the stage, a variety of rhythms and styles pushing the normal limits of ska music, songs of joy, melancholic songs, the ability to improvise of a jazz player, and, most important, an unique sound so rich and natural that anyone that listens cannot help wonder:  "Why didn't anyone else thought about this?"

'TUTTILEGAL' was a fantastic debut album entering the German Radio College charts on 2 - between Oasis and Metallica! - with rave reviews for the group and performances throughout Europe. The Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra became a favourite festival act in no time at all.

But the brand new cd 'I LUMIA MO KHER' (The world is my house) is a great masterpiece of passionate gipsy fire, spiced with trashy horns &synths plus electrifying loops & samples. The album was produced by MICHAEL ZIMMERLING (Madness, Depeche Mode) who did a fantastic job and shot the album to a world class level. Also special guest appearances by the biggest in the Balkan scene! The track 'Roma Project' is recorded together with the entire KOCANI ORKESTAR from Macedonia & 'Basjalaja' features the world’s most promising Roma trumpeter MARKO MARKOVIC from Serbia.

The Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra’s approach is adventurous, unique and groundbreaking. "Everyone thinks that every possible cross-pollination has already been tried and tested but we think that we are really pioneers in this genre, who are doing something different and new with this style".



Some of the most acclaimed Roma dance ensemble in Romania, Romafest came out as the accomplishment of The Transylvanian Roma Song and Dance Festival organized in Gornesti (Romania, Mures region) in 1997.

Since then their carrier has rapidly grown, the artists developing world recognition for their sensational performances that blend rapid and extremely complex rhythms that charmed both the national and the international public. Among others, Romafest takes pride in successful collaborations as the one they had with the renowned Cirque du Soleil. Dedicated supporters of tradition, the artists hold as objective to contribute through their music and dance to the conservation of the Transylvanian Roma folk culture. Their performance is always an astonishing example of utmost awakeness, livelyhood and authenticity.

Within IRAF Romafest will be presenting the show "Verbunk", bringing in front of the audience not less than 16 dancers (8 girls and 8 boys) sustained by 4 musicians.



Gypsy Hill is the latest project to come from London DJs / producers: DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert. In Gypsy Hill they bring together the balls and the brass from the Balkans, surf-rock Mediterranean guitar lines, Arabic & Jewish melodies, massive bass-lines and a whole heap of electronics, scratching and beats.

Starting out as a producer duo, the Gypsy Hill live band soon grew to a 7 piece beats and brass extravaganza - the band have a fast-growing reputation for their high energy shows with big screen visuals and dancers also thrown into the mix. Though fresh on the scene as a full live band, Gypsy Hill has already toured all over Europe, being invited at some of the biggest festivals of the genre as Fusion Festival, Bestival, Fantastik Balkan, Balkan Circus, Portobello Festival, Emigrantski Disco, not to mention their acclaimed performance within the 5th edition of IRAF.

Recently the artist took on a number of remix projects for big names including Balkan Beat Box, Al Jawala and Boom Pam. Work also begins on a new album of original material, penned for 2012.

VOJASA - Hungary

VOJASA - Ungaria

Vojasa's music is based on traditional vlach Roma music, and interpreted with actual arrangements. Musicians of the group have played in well known bands for several years such as Romano Drom and Kalyi Jag. They started playing together last year as friends. The primary aim was to enjoy the music and transmit this feeling to the public, indeed they chose the name Vojasa (meaning "with good humor" in Roma language). Cheerful and successful!

Vojasa is a gypsy band who proudly represents the culture of their roots. Coming from Budapest, the members of the band have previously engaged in numerous diverse musical projects from world, jazz, rock and even metal, touring the world with many groups. However, their love for tradition prevailed and they have returned to their origins: Roma Hungarian music. The band members describe themselves as friends, brothers who play their music with joy. They’ve launched themselves into this personal adventure trying to create a fusion between the Vlach traditional Hungarian Roma music and its urban version, also considering in their creation the Romanian and Serbian keys of Roma music. Their sound is positive, dynamic, based on their voices and a rhythm in which sincerity and authenticity are an undeniable force.



…or "when music gets you drunk"

Considered to be part of the fusion of electro and Balkan music, Slivo Electric Klub stands out thanks to a highly original blend. An interesting instrumental fusion (bouzouki, accordion, bass, percution, DJ), and a composition that reveals a surprising freedom of musical expression to share with the public.Their sound awakes an insatiable energy like a wave of madness hitting the French stages and going further, outside the national borders.
The band played in the opening of Max and Pashm Pad Bradpad Moujika, unleashed the crowds along the Vagabontu Brass Band, headlining the festivals as O Troc Tone of Toulouse or Welcome in Tziganie Festival. With an innovative style, Slivo Electric Klub appears on the contemporary music scene as a hymn to celebration inflaming the masses.



The band Mário Bihari and Bachtale APSA is currently among the best Roma bands in the Czech Republic. Its founder and frontman, the exceptional blind accordionist, pianist and singer Mário Bihari, has gained his reputation in the past particularly by working with the famous Zuzana Navarová in the KOA project but has established in recent years as an independent musical personality that shines especially in the field of Roma music. The group draws its repertoire from Balkan folk music, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak Roma. Great vocals and brilliant musical performances in the gripping rhythms are benefits that make this act one of the Roma musical classics in the best sense. The name of Bachtale APSA, in translation from Roma language “Happy tears”, expresses the variety of moods and emotions that Roma music has always been able to raise in the audience.

Last year Bachtale APSA played their work at over 50 events in and out of the Czech Republic. Several were seen and heard in the Czech TV and radio, concerts such as Paris, Munich, in Thessaloniki, Greece, this year even in Algeria. For 2011, the band became the sole representative of the Czech Roma music scene at the international Roma festival KHAMORO. In April this year the band issued their first album-BACHTALE APSA.

Gipsy Groove - Kosovo

Gipsy Groove - Kosovo

Gipsy Groove formed in 2010-2011 and play authentic Balkan Roma music, which they infuse with other musical influences: Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Ska,DnB etc. Their performances are charismatic, energetic and often improvised.

Gipsy Groove is the first and only band in Kosovo who play original Roma music. The band members are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and they bring this cultural diversity, as well as their interest in human rights and peace, into their performances.

Although a young group, Gispy Groove has performed in numerous events as:  Great Anatolian Meeting of the World Cultures (TUR), Ngom Festival (KS), Green Festival (KS),  National Theater (Ks),Culture Week of Roma, Ashkali , Egyptian festival (KS),  Dosta campaign (Ks)  Berlin- Youth Center –Roma Day (GER),  Tirana Express- Alternative culture space (AL) , Big Brother Albania live show (AL) as well as many other appearances in clubs around the Balkans. 




At 42, DJ Vasile, by his real name Lucian Stan, can easily be called one of the veteran artists that set the basis of electronic music in Romania. He is one of the first people that opened the FM in the Bucharest radio, right after the falling down of the communist regime, in december 1989.!/djvasile



Ad Hoc is the project of a few young students or graduates of musical studies that have set out to promote the music of old times. They have chosen medieval music for its melodicity which keeps it very much apreciated by a large audience. Upon discovering that medieval music soothes both the soul and the mind they have chosen it as their gift to share with others.


The very name of the band defines the atmosphere of their shows. Ad Hoc is an open project in a permanent motion. With creativity being their strongest point, the band personalizes each appearance, thus allowing the possibility of making them interactive and ready to fit any given situation.


With a varied repertoire, Ad Hoc finds inspiration in both musical themes of the Middle Ages and music from international bands and artists of the genre such as Blackmore’s Night, Loreena McKennitt etc.


Their recent history highlights several shows at The Brasov Medieval Festival, may 2010, The Festival of Light (Oradea), Earth Hour, or StudFest and other cultural events such as book launches and exhibitions.


December 2010 finds Ad Hoc on their first tour in cities like Resita, Timisoara, Arad, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca and Zalau. A couple of months later, in march 2011, Ad Hoc was invited as a supporting band for the irish band Coras, in the romanian leg of their european tour. The reaction of the audience, used to more mainstream music was more than ecouraging: the public embraced them and showed a keen interest in their medieval music.


The follwing year was a very active one for Ad Hoc. After their first concerts as a seven piece band, the troubadours honoured yet another invitation from the irish band Coras, to open a series of shows in their national “Saint Patrick’s Day” Tour. As expected, touring had improved their stage experience, and completely transformed their act in a complete medieval performance. After a lot of playing, either on stages or amongst “knights and princesses”, on their own or with other minstrels, the summer end brought them a collaboration with the bagpipers of Bordo Sarkany Regizene Rend in Debrecen in some medieval festivals but also a place in mainstream events, such as “Dilema Veche” in Alba Iulia or PRO ISTORIA FEST, next to bands like SISTEM and other big names from the Romanian music scene.


Ad Hoc is the only medieval band in Romaniathat plays the main stages, alongside mainstream acts.

DJ PUSHIT - France

DJ PUSHIT - Franta

Pushit is the son of a punk. Regularly fed with live music and exposed to bio diversity within his father's musical bar "Le barbare”, he is a part of the generation who saw electro music bloom on his very front door. He started mixing rock, rhythm 'n' blues with a hint of electronic music in his father's bar back in early 1995. It was not long till he got the urge and passion to experiment and flirt with varying musical styles, which led him to merge ethnic music with more traditional music, which for some is mesmerizing and has limitless possibilities.

He is now a unwavering and tireless Dj and producer that combines different projects, groups and collectives (slivo electric klub, la kumpania beats). He imposes himself as one of the precursors of the French Balkan beat movement. He distils an explosive cocktail of Balkan beat, spiced up with ‘electro-cumbia’, whipped with a little electro swing and a splash of dub step.  Seeking inspiration from Russia to India, his musical passion has no boundaries, nor borders. He freely revisits the craziest traditional standards with more current tones like dub, break, drum & bass, without forgetting to wake up his punk roots.

You can feel his constant quest for new journeys and new combinations throughout his original productions and remixes. You can also experience his sound during his bubbling sets which have shaken dance floors and festivals worldwide. Pusit has taken the stage in France and across Europe, including; Hungary, U.K, Spain and Switzerland, being invited at major festivals as: Sziget Festival, Russian Revolution, Mediteraneo, Festival Rio Loco, Cap Festival…

Pusit has also programmed alongside well-known names as: Emir Kusturica, Mahala Rai Banda, Besh O Drom, La Caravane Electro, Romano Drom, Anakronik Electro Orkestra, Dj Shantel, Boban I Marko Markovik Orkestar, Kal, Max Pashm, Groundation, Zion Train, Java, High Tone and Improvisator Dub (to name a few).

DJ Kobayashi - UK

DJ Kobayashi - UK

DJ Kobayashi isi construieste stilul din o paleta larga de genuri de la Swing / Rhythm and Blues / Oldies / Balkan / Gypsy pana la Electro Swing. Influentele lui ca DJ au inceput de la o varsta frageda, artistul urmand pasii tatalui sau Reuven Erez.


In prezent este o figura marcanta pe scena londoneza, fiind rezident al Twisted Gypsy @ the inSpiral si the Magic Garden, Stranger than Paradise, the Magic Theater si binecunoscutul eveniment Balkan Beats London – care se desfasoara in diferite cluburi ale capitalei engleze. In vara lui 2010 a fost support-act-ul Balkan Beat Box in Roma si al Boom Pam in Londra. DJ Kobayashi este de asemenea mebru al grupului Gypsy Hill.



A pleasant ride with Trans Balkan Express wishes you JAHVOLO! In his sound one can find both Romanian folklore and traditional Roma music as well as the unlimited, border-crossing varieties of Balkan Grooves. A“Hora”with DJ in the tradition of Eastern Europe.

Born in Romania, Jahvolo (Rainer Burger) moves with his family at the age of 10 to Germany, where he also resides today.  In the past years he has imposed himself as a DJ on the music scene of southern Germany, being a well-known presence in clubs like Schwarzes Schaf Augsburg, Import Export München, Ballonfabrik Augsburg, Subkultur Fürstenfeldbruck. Aside music, Rainer gets involved as social assistant in the activity of a roma (Sinti) NGO in Munchen, militating for the improvement of living standards of these in Germany.

SuKaR NatioN - RO

SuKaR NatioN - RO

SuKaR NatioN, one of the few Gipsy Punk (Etno Rock) groups in Romania, brings on stage in an innovative style long forgotten tunes and rhythms. The group is known for their fiery live performances, where they blend in a harmonious way old Roma tunes carried around the world through centuries from fire to fire, the songs of authentic “lautari” that have sweeten up glasses of wine over the years, folklore pieces that gathered people dancing throughout history as well as pop-rock sounds.  In only one year of existence, the band has gathered many achievements, being invited to perform in numerous events in the country and at the same time being the winner of the first place within the “music” section of Transylvania International Music and Arts Festival 2011 and the happy receivers of the Grand Prize of the festival.

Jo.E Downtempo, Broken Beat, Funk, Jazz, World Music, Soulful, Deep House - RO

Jo.E  Downtempo, Broken Beat, Funk, Jazz, World Music, Soulful, Deep House - RO

When it all began he considered playing music just a game. He started playing for friends at their parties, but as the time went by, he developed a real passion for music. In 1999 Jo.E began working for Radio Mix FM Bucharest as a producer. Some other radios and collaborations with production audio-video studios made Jo.E understand the game, and realize that everything that seemed to be a hobby comes to life. Nowadays the sound becoming his passion and work. After a period of searching for the style that represents him the best, he is finally focusing on downtempo, jazz, funk, chillin' beats, however he can always surprise by approaching new genres.

In 2009 he started his own radio project “Groove On”, streaming audio and video live from the studio he created in Bucharest. He dedicated all of his time to come up with ideas to present a different show for each day of the week and the results turned out to be amazing. /



If you ask him about his love for music, UFe is a man of few words. He’ll just kindly ask you to listen to his weekly radio show which he hosts together with his partner in crime Zicu. But then again any artist speaks through his means of artistic expression. In his case, UFe manifests himself as an explosion of diverse musical influences and genres that create a more unique style that resists easy categorization. From the ancestral rhythms of Africa and the tropical sounds of Latin America, through the funk and jazz breaks that made the foundation of hip hop, to the electronic music currently enjoying a vogue, many elements have helped shape his style into an admirably eclectic music.

He blends this vastly diversified repertoire into his own sound and expresses it into his own idiom with imaginative synthesis that makes the listening a vigorous and exciting experience.

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